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$84 (R1176) for 12 Months Listing.
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You Can Use Your Listing Space for All Sorts of Things. It is Your Space On Viva Classifieds for 12 Months to Use as You Please. If You Have Sold Your Item, Keep Your Listing Space and Advertise Your Website or Get Social with Your Profile. Your Listing Space is Active for 12 Months to Post in Different Categories Anytime. All Listings are Required to Be Compliant with Local and International Laws. Make Sure Your Listing is Compliant with Local and International Laws. No Illegal or Offensive Listings are Allowed and Will be Deleted on Moderation Run on Viva Classifieds. Do Not Put Up Bad Listings and Ones that are Illegal or Offensive. Any Non Local and International Legally Compliant Listings are Deleted in the Moderation Run Without Refund. Listings that Comply with Local and International Laws are Perfectly Fine and Allowed on Viva Classifieds. Enter Your Details and Click Register My Space to Create Your Listing on Viva Classifieds, Add Your Title, Description, URL and Photos to Get the Desired Results from Your Listing on Viva Classifieds. You are Billed Once for Your 12 Month Listing that Will Enable You to Modify, Change and Post in Different Categories for 12 Months. Get 12 Months Now to Advertise in Viva Classifieds and Create Your Space on NOTE: Your User Name is Your Search Term. Use Wisely to Secure Your Search Term and Get the Best Results. Once a Search Term is Gone, it is Gone and Reserved for the Member Who Registered it. Whichever Brand, Name, Search Term You Register is Yours for 12 Months.

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