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63 Image Placeholder Title: Category: Description: URL: Send Mail Viva Classifieds

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Viva Classifieds

Good Old Fashioned Classifieds Online and Mobile

Terms and Conditions: You Agree by Use to Remove VivaClassifieds.Com from All and Any Liablity Whatsoever. You Also Agree to Behave in Compliance with Local and International Laws. Privacy Policy: You Provide the Information on Your Listing and Take Ownership of Your Listing on Viva Classifieds Information Provided by You is Your Responsiblity. It is Also Your Responsibility to Abide by Local and International Laws. Should You Choose Not to Comply with Site Policies, Terms and Conditions You Agree that Your Listing Can Be Deleted Without Refund. Should You Have Any Issues with a Listing Please Contact the Help Desk: Viva Classifieds Good Old Fashioned Classifieds Online and Mobile. Download the Classifieds APP for Your Cell Phone.

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Viva Classifieds

Good Old Fashioned Classifieds, Online and Mobile

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Information Use: You Only Get Messages from Viva Classifieds When Someone Messages Your Listing. You May from Time to Time Get Site, Technical or In Messaging Advertisement from Sponsor Advertiser. However this is in No Way Obtrusive and We Do Not Mass Mail our Registered Users. Messaging is Sent Primarily from Person to Person Being Someone Interested in User Listing Sending User Listing a Message. You Also Get a Welcome Message with Your Listing Details on Registration. Service is Provisioned with a Philosphy of Privacy and Not Being Annoying. We Do Not Like that Behaviour Either. The Service is Provisioned for You to Get a Message from Someone Interested in Your Listing and Send You a Message When Someone is Interested in Your Listing and What You Have to Offer. This Way You Only Get Messages from Interested Parties Contacting You from Site or Mobile App Use. Clicks to Your URL are Unlimited and Free. Messaging is Also Free from Your Listing. As Long as Your Subscription is Up to Date Clicks and Messaging is Unlimited and Free from Your Listing. You Can Use Your Same Account and Subscription to Advertise in Different Categories During Your 12 Months Subscription. Choose Viva Classifieds as Your Classifieds Partner and Make Use of Provided Categories to Suit Your Online and Mobile Classifieds Needs with Viva Classifieds. To Use Viva Classifieds as a User Searching for Information it is Free to Use and Contact Listing Advertisers. Users Provide and Decide on Information that Best Suits Their Contact and Privacy Preferences. You Can Delete Your Account at Anytime By Clicking on the Delete Icon on Your Home Page. If You Delete Your Account You Also Cancel Your Subscription and There are No Refunds on Unused Portions of Subscriptions Purchased. Your Account and Subscription is Valid for 12 Months of Unlimited Viva Classifieds Use from the Date and Time that You Purchase a Subscription. You Can Check Your Subscription Date and Time on Your Home Page. Change Photos, Text and Categories to Suit Your Classified Needs Any Time During Your 12 Months Subscription. Viva Classifieds Does Make Use of In Site and App Advertising To Which You Agree to in Terms of Use and Service. The Service is Provided in a Blended Way to Best Suit Listors, Users, Advertisers and Provision of Service Whilst Respecting and Maintaing User Privacy. Our Intention is for a Good Use of Service with a Good Customer Experience for Continued and Valued Viva Classifieds Site and Mobile App Use. Should a Listing Be a Problem Please Report it the Help Desk for Deletion. Viva Classifieds Good Old Fashioned Classifieds. Online Classifieds and Mobile Phone Classifieds. Download the Classified App by Clicking the Download App Link.